The JMK Trust runs workshops for emerging directors at major regional theatres, thereafter selecting one participant in each case to receive a bursary and to assist on a major production at that theatre. The Carne Trust supports this initiative by providing funding for annual workshops at the Sherman Theatre, Cardiff.

The Finborough Theatre in West London operates a training scheme for young aspiring directors, wherein they act as assistant director on a major production, while learning the skills of managing a small theatre. The Trust participates in the selection of these individuals, and provides a small bursary/living allowance for them. In alternate years, the funds may be directed towards assisting a new Director in sponsoring their first full-scale theatrical production.

Starting in 2017, The Trust will partner with the Royal Opera House on a new initiative called Future Opera Directors. The ROH will provide an introduction to opera staging for around 20 emerging theatre directors. The project will include a one day workshop for up to 15 participants with experienced opera personnel, and up to 5 observer roles involving shadowing leading international directors during the opera rehearsal process across a period of 3-6 weeks. The programme aims to build participants' confidence in working in a different creative art form, to develop in them a deeper understanding of opera staging, and to explore the availability of paid work and the realities of becoming a freelance opera directors.